Want to make as much as $30 per hour doing data entry? It’s possible, and we’ll show you how.

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What’s one of the oldest work-from-home jobs around? Data entry, and many people seek such positions for various reasons.

If you need to stay home to take care of your kids, a data entry job can let you earn an income from the comfort of your couch. And if you don’t have a ton of experience working online, data entry is a good place to get your feet wet and build up your resume.

Unfortunately, data entry jobs have a bad rap. Some who have tried to find such work in the past say that they’re all scams, and none really pay decent money for the time involved.

Is this true? Not necessarily. Sure, there are scams in the data entry arena, but those exist with other work-at-home jobs too. The important thing is to know how to avoid those scams so you can find the legitimate opportunities that actually exist.

To avoid data entry scams, here are some basic rules to follow:

If a data entry opportunity requires a fee before you can get hired, it’s probably a scam.

  1. You shouldn’t have to pay to work in data entry or any other online job.
  2. If you are offered unsolicited data entry work via email or social media, it’s probably a con artist trying to get their hands on your money or personal information.
  3. If the data entry opportunity says you can earn tens of thousands of dollars per month or some other ridiculous figure, stay away. While you can earn money doing data entry, it won’t make you rich.

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Legitimate Data Entry Companies

If you have no data entry experience, you may have to knock on some doors online until you get somebody to hire you. Don’t feel discouraged, as everyone has to start somewhere. And when it comes to data entry, you’re likely to find a spot where someone will take you with no experience.

With that being said, here are some of the more well-known data entry companies that are worth a stronger look:

Working Solutions

Would you like to do data entry work for companies like Hotels.com, Microsoft, T-Mobile, and TurboTax? That’s what you’d be doing if you worked with Working Solutions, as they have some of the biggest clients on the planet.

If you work your way up the ladder, you could make a whopping $30 per hour with Working Solutions. What’s the starting pay? It’s usually in the $9 range.


Do you have a computer equipped with antivirus protection? Are you over 18? If so, you could get your data entry start working for Appen.


Data entry work can get you up to $14 per hour at Lionbridge, which is a well-respected name in the field.


If you can complete tests to show your proficiency in the language and typing, you may be able to find data entry work via Clickworker.

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