If you’re spending more time at home and need to make up some income, this is for you.

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Instead of spending it on social media, you could make money by investing your time in these easy online gigs.

Get Paid for Everyday Online Activities

Have you ever read an email, watched videos on YouTube, taken surveys to relay your opinion, or shopped online?

You probably have, but it’s likely that you didn’t get paid for any of those activities. Sign up to InboxDollars, and you can get compensated for your time.

While the opportunity to earn cash or rewards is attractive, being able to do so while having fun may be even more enticing.

Why would you get paid for completing such tasks? Because companies and brands need feedback on their products and services so they can improve and grow.

Do Digital Scratch-Offs

This is a fun, mindless way to win cash, prizes, free groceries, and more while you binge your favorite Netflix shows on your couch.

Since real scratch-off tickets can add to your expenses quite quickly, it’s nice to know there’s a way to play without paying a penny.

Where can you get online scratch-offs for free? By heading over to Lucktastic, where you can win things like:

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There are always new prizes to be had, and the sooner you start scratching, the sooner you can become the next winner. With over 220,000 winners since its inception, Lucktastic gives you a good shot at getting lucky.

Earn up to $450 per Year Taking Surveys

Bread is a site that will pay you to give your opinion via surveys. Since you probably do this already when chiming in to posts on social media, why not get paid for it?

You can gain some money-making momentum by earning a buck for simply filling out your profile. And you can start cashing out from PayPal as soon as you make your first $5.

Convert Your Receipts Into Rewards

It may not be cold, hard cash in your hand, but Fetch Rewards can boost your bottom line when it comes to grocery shopping.

Whenever you go to the store, scan your receipt. This will help you earn points if you bought certain products. You can then redeem them for rewards in the form of gift cards to Chipotle, Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers.

If you can send the folks at Fetch a photo of your receipt, you can start earning with this app now.

Become a Site Tester Without Technical Skills

The term “user tester” may sound like something too technical if you’re just a regular Internet browser, but you can become one without any experience.

Userlytics will pay you to test websites so they can become more user-friendly. At up to $20 per test that can be completed in minutes, this gives you an excellent opportunity to make extra money from home.

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