More and more seniors are looking for work. Maybe your retirement income isn’t enough, or you’ve never been able to retire to begin with. It’s also possible that you simply miss working. Regardless of your reasons, it can be challenging to find work as a senior. Here are some resources that might improve your odds.


You already know about AARP’s membership program, but their website has free articles on a variety of topics, including job hunting. They also created the Back To Work 50+ program, which connects seniors with information, training, and other resources to help with employment.


Workforce50 is a great site for seniors looking to enter the job market. One of their most popular resources is a list of senior-friendly employers. You can also find articles on how to avoid age bias on your resume and how to navigate a career transition, along with more general advice for seniors.

Retiree Workforce

Retiree Workforce is another option that you should take advantage of. Like Workforce50, this website allows you to search jobs and get advice from blog articles. They also have a coupon section, which, while not directly related to retirement, will help you save money.

Retired Brains

This site has a lot of great articles on retirement and gives an in-depth look at the types of jobs that are well-suited for seniors.


This isn’t strictly geared toward seniors, but it’s the most popular job-hunting site on the internet. Simply enter what kind of job you’re looking for (which can be the job title, company name, or anything else related to the type of work you’d like to perform) and your location, and start browsing!

There may be some overlap with these resources, but using all of them will increase your chances of finding employment. You may not see any results for a while, but try to stay positive. Best of luck on your search!

By Luke Smith

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