What tips and tricks did BHA’s readers gravitate to most in 2020? Keep reading to find out, and see if you can learn something new to help you financially in 2021.

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It’s probably safe to say that many people won’t feel too sad with 2020 in the rearview. After all, it was quite a tough year for many of us financially, which made it hard to make ends meet.

At BHA, we’ve done our best to give you resources to navigate not only 2020 rough patches, but also the future. For a recap of what our readers turned to most, have a look:


When the coronavirus appeared on the scene, shutdowns soon followed. And once businesses closed, people lost their jobs and income.

This made it impossible for many to pay the rent or their mortgage. And while the government stepped in to stop evictions, plenty still fear an uncertain future when it comes to housing.

What can make housing more affordable? The Section 8 program and its Housing Choice Vouchers. Here are some of our most popular pieces on the topic from the past year:

Financial Help

Where did many people turn to for financial help this year? They probably called on their friends and family, but not all of us are so lucky to have such personal connections.

Fear not, as we dished up plenty of advice on financial help in 2020 that will still work in 2021:

Benefits Assistance

If you never had to rely on benefits assistance in the past, that may have changed in 2020 once COVID-19 hit the scene. To help you see what’s out there, here are some of our top reads on Medicare, food assistance, and federal student aid:

Work From Home

Since we were told to stay at home once the pandemic hit, many made the shift to working from home to earn an income. If you haven’t yet, check out these pieces that can help you start getting a paycheck from the comfort of your couch:

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