Do you feel in pain every time you’re at the pump? If so, keep reading, as we’ll offer some tips to pay less for gasoline so you can keep more cash in your pocket.

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Gas prices are going up, which means your wallet will be lighter each time you fill up your car. This can cut into your monthly budget and make it harder to pay your other bills, which is why we compiled a list of tips to cut gas costs:

1. Use cash.

Using a credit card at the pump can be more convenient, as you won’t have to go inside to pay the cashier. But it can also be more expensive, so try using cash instead.

You can pay less per gallon using cash, and this is often advertised on the signs outside of gas stations. Why does gas cost more with credit? Chalk it up to processing fees.

Depending on the station, you may get the cash price if you use a debit card. To be sure, ask before swiping. The savings can add up over time.

2. Avoid the weekends.

Statistics show that the time of the week can affect gas prices. When’s the best time to buy? Mondays or Tuesdays. When’s the worst? Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, so fill up at the beginning of the week to avoid breaking the bank.

3. Skip premium, if possible.

Do you put premium gas in your car, even though the manufacturer doesn’t recommend it? You may do it because you believe it’s better for the vehicle or optimizes performance. But when you consider the price difference between premium and regular fuel, it’s just not worth it.

You can spend nearly 40 cents more per gallon for premium gas. Unless your car manual says you need it, stick to regular instead. It could save you several bucks each time you fill up.

4. Use apps to your advantage.

Back in the day, you’d have to drive around to find the best deals on fuel. Now, you can compare prices and pinpoint the most savings with apps downloaded to your smartphone.

Waze and GasBuddy are two apps that make it easy to find the lowest-priced fuel. To get those deals, don’t wait until the last minute when your gas tank is on E. If you do, you’ll be stuck with whatever the closest gas station charges.

5. Plan ahead.

Are you taking a long road trip? Do you have a lengthy commute to work? Check those apps above before you hit the road so you can find the best deal on your route.

6. Don’t buy gas right off the exit.

Speaking of travel, you won’t find the cheapest gas at rest stops or right off any exits. Why? Because they’re too convenient, and this allows them to charge a premium.

What’s another area where you’ll usually end up paying more for gas? Right in the middle of major cities. You’ll be able to see this trend better by using apps. Plan ahead, and you’ll be able to get gas that’s a little bit out of the way, but a lot cheaper.

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